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LVTHN - The Grand Uncreation CD

LVTHN - The Grand Uncreation CD
Intense underground Black Metal from Belgium. This compilation CD contains the tracks from the 'Adversarialism' demo, the track of the split with Lluvia, and a cover of Katharsis. Gatefold digipack with silver foil print.

"The outset and intent of our vessel has been accumulated in the release of 'The Grand Uncreation' MCD. The first expressions and an additional testimonial are compiled to present a glance into what LVTHN is and what it will become. 'The Grand Uncreation' is made possible by Amor Fati Productions and Ordo MCM, and is visually presented by Brianvdp. Gratitude goes out to the mighty KTHRSS for the permission to release our testimony."

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