- Split CD -


Split CD with two of the ‘finest’ acts from the Dutch underground. Botulistum was formed in 1997 and makes disturbing Peat Metal for the underground of the underground in the Dutch language. After almost ten years since the last recordings, Botulistum comes with exclusive new material for this release. Göll was formed in 2002 and plays raw Black Metal to praise Chaos. After one demo in 2003 and a split CD with Vazal and Galgeras in 2004, Göll now finally comes with brand new recordings. Expect rotten, lo-fi, Satan worshiping Black Metal from both.

Limited to 500 copies.


Some people will find this split to be the work of genius whereas others will totally hate it and run away from or use it as a Frisbee and cant see the humour of it all. Well, as for me, I will put on the cd again as background music for a romantic candlelit dinner where family expansion is being discussed. Ideal for that sort of thing. Absolute genius this , but its either a 0 or 100 score. - Lords of Metal.nl

Een schitterende split, zonder meer. Een attractie voor iedere blackmetalfanaat die de grens opzoekt, om er vervolgens ver overheen te gaan. Wollen sie Totalen Krankheit? Luistert sie dann mahr nahr desen Split! Ik geef hem trouwens aan Satan voor zijn Sinterklaas. - ZwareMetalen.com

Diese Split ist nur den total Kaputten zu empfehlen. BOTULISTUM und GÖLL haben hier absolut böse, verstörende und groteske Musik verewigt. Für viele dürfte diese Split ein Tritt ins Gesicht sein, aber ich finde es einfach großartig. Wer nach dem Lesen dieser Zeilen neugierig ist, sollte sich die CD in keinem Fall entgehen lassen. Wer kranken und bizarren Black Metal mag, der wird das Werk lieben, alle anderen werden es hingegen hassen.- Hateful-Metal.de

The Dutch label Dying Sun Records released a split CD which I found an exceptionally pleasant surprise. I knew of the plans in advance, but when I finally received the CD I was pleased to see that they had been carried out without compromise, and that - as promised - all the material was fresh instead of gathering (old) rehearsals or pimped demo material. Botulistum and Göll - both bands that have been around quite a few years now, although on an irregular basis - are the two Dutch artists that show their ritual black arts on this proper split album..- NLBMe.nl

Two disgusting Dutch bands on one CD. Botulistum side is a maelstrom of reckless arrangement and ultra swamp-ridden ofal. Goll is a bit more standard but make usage also of bizarre and extreme vocal variety. Disc from Dying Sun Records. Worth the listen for open minded individuals.- Contaminated Tones

Overall this split album is a highly interesting piece of Black Art, both bands seems to have cultivated and maintained uncorrupted the original essence of Black Metal during all these years, and that’s precisely what they deliver at this obscure opus. If you like great productions, technical performances and complex compositions, you will probably loathe this album, but if you are into the most crude, noisy, chaotic and disturbing side of the Black Metal audience, you should definitely check this morbid album out, you won’t be disappointed… (AP) - BurningBlack Webzine

Most probably one of the ugliest, most disgusting splits released in 2013! This is my first encounter with these 2 Dutch bands and I'm glad it happened. The split opens with Botulistum and their inhuman, disgusting, sickening combination of Noise and Extreme Metal. No lyrics, no words, only screams, growls, moans, vomits, belches, supported by mainly ultra-fast drumming and dissonant guitar riffs. Awful, terrifying, mesmerizing, incredible! If Hell exists Botulistum would make its perfect soundtrack! I think that in time this could have such an impact as Beherit had. If Botulistum sounds like Hell, Goll sounds like all souls imprisoned in Hell, it's the soundtrack of their horror, of their suffering and desperation. It's absolutely terrifying how well these 2 bands mix one with the other. As a difference between them, Goll has more comprehensive guitar riffs, more pronounced bass lines, more acute vocals, mostly screams, and a dark, atmospheric keyboard as background, so in a way it sounds more elaborate, but the final result is the same: HORROR! Highly recommended but not for the faint of hearts! - Pest Webzine

"Well, a very odd release we have here... Three Dutch units - Botulistum, Göll, and also a record-company “Dying Sun Records” - present a mutual release of absolutely strange, non-traditional and strongly psychedelic Noise/Black Metal. The very first ties that do not abandon until the end lead to their compatriots Stalaggh, who are sometimes called as one of the weirdest projects in the whole world... Something similar with this “Split” album." - Forgotten Path Magazine

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