2004 - Necro Rituals DEMO
2006 - Worship the Beast EP
2010 - Spilling the Blood of the World CD
2012 - Nythra Death King CD

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Obskure Torture - Arhyn Majestye SAMPLE (Nythra Death King)


Formed in two-thousand-and-two EH. As Hellfukk. Two individuals. TMB and SH. Guitars/vokals
and drums respektively. Heavily inluenced by Swiss abomination Hellhammer. Rehearsals were
rekorded. Nothing manifested. In late two-thousand-and-three EH SH leaves. TMB decides to
kontinue. Changes the name.

Obskure Torture is born. Writes and rekords the Necro Rituals demo in the Winter of two-thousand-
and-three EH/two-thousand-and-four EH. Four trakks of Doom. Released in March of the latter
year. Twenty-two kopies limitation. Time Before Time Records of Poland reakts. The demo is re-
released on disk through that label in the Fall of two-thousand-and-four EH. Five-hundred kopies
were released.

In two-thousand-and-five EH TMB once again enters the rekording-pits. Result: Worship The Beast.
A two-trakk mini-album of a particular extreme nature. Again released through Polish TBT. Five-
hundred kopies.

Two years of silence breaks as TMB in two-thousand-and-seven EH decides to kontinue the task of
torturing man with yet another rekording: The A Gift For The Prince trakk. Although kompleted, the
komposition remains unreleased for years until diskovered by Dutch underground label Rotting
Grave Distribution
. Who wished to use the epik anthem of the void for their upkoming kassette
kompilation Suicidal Depression. In early two-thousand-and-ten EH the kompilation was released.

Thus began a new partnership. And later that same year an all-hitherto-rekorded-material-of-
was agreed upon and released. Entitled Spilling The Blood Of The
. On disk. Pressing of five-hundred kopies. The inner sleeve notably bearing a somewhat
arrogant klaim regarding the album's origin:”From the DARKEST pool beneath the moon...” it said.
But was it really? My sources unanimously say no.

Two-thousand-and-eleven EH/two-thousand-and-twelve EH saw the band change its musikkal
direktion. Although still Satanik, still Okkult, still hateful, the ”metal” aspekt was now gone.
Obskure Torture had bekome a grotesque experimental playground of the Underworld. One kould
argue that it had perhaps somehow always been. But undeniably the downtuned distorted repetitive
riffs of yesteryears were gone.

The krown of this development was the full-length album of Nythra Death King. Released on the
Summer Solstice of two-thousand-and-twelve EH. Through Dutch avantgarde label Dying Sun
. As usual five-hundred kopies were pressed. Konsisting of two instrumental trakks of
skhizophrenik noisefest, subliminal Sinister Hellraising, and – naturally - morbid interakting with
vast amounts of dead people. The sleeve bear kryptikal titles and messages this time. Even more so
than before. For what exactly is an Arthyn Majestye? And an Acausal Throne? Do you know? And
who is this Brother GMAL the album in its entirety is dedikated to? Are these sekret Satanik codes
of a sort? Formulas? Or maybe Fascist salutes of some subversive variety? Or perverted sexual
deviant kommunikations as to where to hunt human prey? Who knows. But I do not like it one bit.
Not one bit.

Fortunately the liner notes also state that ”The cycle is complete”. So we kan only hope this means
no more Obskure Torture. But only time will tell whether this proves to be the kase or not. But we
must hope. Hope... and pray.

-J.S. Ritchie