Tekeli-li ~ Guitars, bass, lyrics & songwriting
Shub ~ Vocals & Drums
K. ~ Bass

2007 - Untitled DEMO
2008 - Robeman Dreams 2CD
2009 - Violet Alchemy of Melancholy DEMO
2014 - Violet Alchemy of Melancholy MC


Plague upon the Living - Violet Alchemy SAMPLE


Plague upon the Living was formed by three guys at the beginning
of 2007. The music and lyrics were built around lovecraftian horrors,
melancholy, mysticism & occultism. Plague upon the Living tried to create something
that is not similar to another "funeral" doom bands. We never wanted
to be part of that scene, we just played soul-tearing and slow
death metal. Basically Plague upon the Living had two main members:

Tekeli-li: Guitars, bass, lyrics & songwriting
Shub: Vocals & Drums

Other members:

K. - Bass
Sin - Drums

Metal archives says that we had T. Angel in drums. I dont even know,
who the hell is he? Somekind of idiot who thinks he ever been in our
rehearsal chamber?

Almost all the information in metal archives are total bullshit.

After all, we were two guys with various musicians doing what we felt
comfortable that time. Today I still play with Shub but totally
different style of music and we dont want to be connected to this
project through any way. We still love everything we did with Plague upon the Living!

- Tekeli-li