2014 - Cloven EP
2014 - Awakening of the Forgotten EP
2015 - Eternal Sleepwalker FULL-LENGTH
2015 - Dark Phoenix Rising EP
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Johan Bäckman – Electric bass guitar
Daniel Moilanen – Drums
Nicklas Rudolfsson – Electric guitar, vocals

BIOGRAPHY (from Heavydeath.com):
The birth of the band and name HEAVYDEATH was in 2013 when Nicklas Rudolfsson (known from bands like Runemagick, The Funeral Orchestra, Necrocurse among others) wrote some new songs and asked if Johan Bäckman (known from Necrocurse, Rapid Terrör among others) was interested to play bass. Together with a session drummer, the band was officially started and decided to begin the recording of demos and write more songs. Many demo sessions were recorded until the summer of 2014. Most of the recordings have been released on cassette by the band and/or Caligari Records and digitally on the band’s bandcamp page.

During the summer of 2014 Daniel Moilanen (known from Katatonia, Runemagick among others) joined the band and a contract for one album was signed with Svart Records. The debut full length album “Eternal Sleepwalker“ was recorded during a couple of days in July 2014 with Daniel behind the drums. The album was released on LP/CD in March 2015 by Svart Records and on MC by Tape Worship Records.

In July 2015 the band recorded a new EP “Dark Phoenix Rising“ which was released digitally and on MC by Caligari Records in August 2015. CD version will be released during 2016 by Dying Sun Records/At War With False Noise.

HEAVYDEATH entered the stage for the first time in September 2015 at the Mörkaste Småland Festival in Sweden. Death is Heavy, Heavy is Death, Heavy as Death…

Pre-history (embryo of Heavydeath)

The first embryo of the band was forged in 2008/2009 (after Runemagick was put on hold). Nicklas Rudolfsson and Daniel Moilanen went into a studio (Sonic Train Studios) for a day and wrote/jammed/recorded a song with a playing time of over 28 minutes. The recording was not completed with bass and vocals. The whole thing ran out of steam when Nicklas and Daniel moved to different locations. The recording session fell into oblivion for several years*. The band or project as it was back then had no name…