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EGGÞÉR - Volume Null MCD

EGGÞÉR - Volume Null MCD


Debut mini-album from this Danish constellation. With former OBSKURE TORTURE members, EGGÞÉR sets out on a spectacular musickal journey, through the Causal cosmos - with an overt nihilistic outlook – straight into the pit… Nadir. Significant sonic influences include VULPECULA, SPEAR OF LONGINUS, CATHEDRAL, WINTER, MOONBLOOD… and, needless to say, the masters of the void, BLACK SABBATH.

“In Norse mythology, EGGÞÉR is a giant and herdsman who is described as sitting on a mound and joyfully playing his harp while the red rooster Fjalar begins to crow, heralding the onset of Ragnarök.”

No meaning. No purpose. No objective. No thing…

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