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Release date: 1 September 2024

Catalog: DSUN041

Genre: Funeral Doom, Black Metal, Dark Electro

Format: Digipack CD

This release brings together four distinctive underground bands from the Netherlands, showcasing the diversity and creativity of the Dutch underground scene. From Funeral Doom and Atmospheric Black Metal to Dark Electro, this split offers a powerful mix that will appeal to fans of extreme and experimental music.

The opening track, "The Only Path To Peace Is Extinction," is a unique collaboration between the Funeral Doom band Rejoice in Moribund and the Black Metal act Utter. For this special track, Bartbaar, the drummer from Utter, joined forces with the trio from Rejoice in Moribund to create their most relentless and vicious piece to date. This epic composition, over 20 minutes long, blends Funeral Doom with elements of Death Metal, Black Metal, and Industrial music.

Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal duo Kreyll offers an exclusive remix of their track "Kathedraal". This version infuses additional Ambient and Industrial elements, bringing a new dimension to their already haunting sound.

The final two tracks are by Dark Electro/EBM/Industrial band BPHL. Drawing inspiration from the 1984 Bhopal gas leak disaster in India, this duo creates dark electronic music with harsh vocals. Both members of BPHL are also known for their involvement in various Doom, Sludge and Black Metal bands such as Throw Me In The Crater, Human Demise, and Hinder.


1. Rejoice in Moribund & Utter - The Only Path To Peace Is Extinction

2. Kreyll - Kathedraal (Oratio in Ecclesia Hegemonia Remix)

3. BHPL - Heckmann

4. BHPL - Fight Back

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