- Torches of the Badb -

- Torches of the Badb MC -

Second demo from this Canadian band inspired by ancient Celtic culture, faith and traditions. More then 25 minutes of Atmospheric Black Metal including a Fire & Ice cover. Professional printed cassette limited to a 100 copies with lyric sheet.

Co-release between Dying Sun Records and Vanguard Productions



Hailing from Canada, Aedh is an interesting Black Metal band for several reasons. First, the band concentrates on Irish-Gaelic culture/spirituality, instead of the more typical Germanic-Nordic. Musically Aedh (which is an Irish word for fire) is varied and keeps your attention, ranging from harsh and fast black metal to atmospheric acoustic guitar and a rather ritualistic melody. - Mourning The Ancient

More information about the band can be found in the 'bands'-section of this website.