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A 38-minute journey through the atmospheric soundscape of melancholy, nostalgia and ephemerality of life. The music is inspired by Funeral Doom, Black Metal and Dark Ambient. The lyrics, written in Portuguese language, explore such themes as death, loss and mourning.

Co-release with Aesthetic Death (UK) and Labyrinth (PRT).

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Carma’s music is a mass of sweeping guitars, jangling echoes and slow agony, and the songs are sometimes graceful and fluent but elsewhere a little indecisive. One of the highlights is ‘Feto’, a song that treads patiently with regal poise and features some rewarding vocal creativity and a magnificent finale. - Doom Metal Heaven

CARMA, with their self titled debut know how to put all the sorrow and anxieties and feelings of loss and wonderment that you only find at a funeral to music. - Metal Rules

Crossing the lines between Funeral Doom, Death Metal, Black Metal, and downright beautiful, melancholy, dark passages, Carma is a very bright spot in a sometimes over indulgent genre. - The Dirty Room

Slow burning, charred-black doom with a haunting melancholy and moments of devastating beauty. Some really fantastic vocals in the mid-range between a black metal shriek and a death growl, communicating some sort of incalculable anguish and pain, and with all of the lyrics in the band's native language. An ebb and flow approach featuring some extreme dynamics, from quiet, moody contemplation to absolutely bludgeoning riffs with all knobs cranked to 11. This is a very well crafted and arranged release, and a great and promising debut. Excellent! - Rising Beast

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