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HIRVEÄ | Tuska ja pakokauhu

Release date: 13 June 2019

Catalog: DSUN021 / DSUN022

Genre: Torture Doom Metal

Format: CD / Cassette

Slow torturous sludge doom from Finland featuring Oksennus mastermind K.K.. After two demo cassettes this Finnish duo comes with their first full-length album 'Pain and Panic'. For fans of Wormphlegm, Moss, Bunkur and Corrupted!

Digisleeve CD: limited to 275 copies

Digisleeve CD (Nature Edition): limited to 25 copies

Cassette: limited to 100 copies

Special nature edition includes ECO friendly cover sleeve. All proceeds will be donated to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.


1. Tuska

2. Pakokauhu

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