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PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING | Dying in the Darkness

Release date: 1 September 2020

Catalog: DSUN024

Genre: Funeral Doom, Death Metal

Format: Cassette

The return of this long standing act from the United States. Second part in the monsters trilogy. More than 50 minutes of bleak, sorrowful Funeral/Death Doom. Includes guest musicians from Aarni, Thee Kvlt ov Ouroborous, By the Horns, Atomic Cries and Der Golem.


1. In Darkness and in Misery

2. The Moon Behind the Mist

3. Here. On This Grey Earth.

4. Interlude III (We Hunt in Packs)

5. I Worship Wolves

6. Interlude IV (The Howling)

7. From Silver

8. My Hair Is Stiff with Blood and Forest

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