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VEILED METAMORPHOSIS | Tentacled Void Of Infinity

Release date: 2 Februari 2024

Catalog: DSUN038 / DSUN039

Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal, Funeral Doom

Format: CD / Cassette

Veiled Metamorphosis brings together two titans of two different black- and deathmetal scenes. Vitriol was the guitarist, main songwriter and producer of Holland’s internationally renowned Hydra Head signing Nihill, and Grave Desecrator was the drummer for Italian second wave black metal icons Necronomicon. Teaming up after meeting online, they’ve created something similarly ground breaking. Veiled Metamorphosis combines the slow gore of funeral doom with the satanic adoration of first wave black metal. Monolithic slabs of guitar move forward at a crawling pace, adorned by the deepest growls of unhuman, guttural darkness. An unrelenting bombardement of evil that wears down your resistance slowly but surely. A necromantic spell that is all consuming…


1. Demonik Suffokation

2. Tentacled Void of Infinity

3. The Seven Gates of Kur

4. Unspeakable Abominations

5. Totenreich

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